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Is There A Cure for Epilepsy?

Epilepsy has had ongoing studies to find treatments that work best for reducing seizures. There is no one cure to completely stop seizures but there are available options to control the amount of seizures one is having. Your local neurologist will be able to best determine the right treatment that will suit epilepsy to help reduce or control your seizures.

Seizure Medication

  • Finding the right medication and dosage can be tricky, as you will need to start at a low dosage and slowly increase to find the right amount to control your seizures

  • Anti-convulsion drugs are the most commonly used medication for epileptic patients. A combination of two or more drugs is generally used to control the seizures. 

  • Neurologist will prescribe an anti-seizure medication that you will control your seizures as best they can. Nearly 70% of epilepsy cases show a reduction in seizures with the use of medication

Dietary Treatment

  • Some people with epilepsy have found their symptoms improved while adding adjustments into their diet while on other anti-epileptic treatment

  • The ketogenic diet involves consuming high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods like avocados, healthy oils, nuts, salmon, and dairy

  • Modified Atkins Diet is very similar to Ketogenic diet, the slight difference is incorporating small amounts of carbohydrates and is less strict

  • Discuss with your neurologist before making these dietary changes

Seizure Devices

  • A seizure monitor can help notify others when a seizure happens

  • A monitor cannot guarantee safety or be accurate in detecting all seizures, they can provide a level of peace of mind for some people

  • Some monitors like watch based accessory or alert devises can notify when there is enough movement caused from a seizure primarily tonic clonic seizures or focal motor


  • If your doctor sees you as a suitable candidate for surgery they look to see if all previous treatments were not working to control your seizures.

  • Surgery involves removing the part of your brain where the seizures begins, and disconnecting brain nerve cell communication to stop the spread of seizures to other areas of your brain.

  • Implanting a pacemaker-like device and electrodes that send electrical signals to block or disrupt seizure activity at its source.

Natural Treatment

Holistic treatments that can naturally avoid treatments listed above can be an option to see if it will help reduce seizures. Yoga is a popular activity that helps reduce stress and calm the body. Breath work training slows down the anxiety that is building in an epileptic to help reduce the onset of a seizure. Having these alternative treatments can naturally assist in reducing seizures.

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