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Spenser Jaye

My Story

Spenser was first diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 13 where she had her first tonic clonic seizure in front of her little brother. Little did she know from that day on her life would not be the same anymore. After being newly diagnosed her world turned upside down, trying to understand why her and what even is epilepsy. This was a big transition as well as her family and loved ones, where everyone had to make an adjustment. 

Spenser was an avid soccer player all her life, and after her first seizure her initial thought was that soccer was going to be taken away forever. But she realized early on that she was not going to let that happen. As she took the time away from soccer and to focus on controlling her seizures, it consisted of multiple doctor visits, EEGs and finding the right medication to control her seizures. As she finally got back into soccer, her life was feeling like normal again, finally! With the disccouragment that she had seizures throughout the year that didn't stop her from receiving a Division One scholarship to play soccer at the University of Hawai'i, following that played Divsion Two soccer at San Francisco State University. With the drive of not letting epilepsy stop her she leveled up to play at the professional level of representing her country and playing for the Guam Womens National Team. 


Proud to be an athlete while living with epilepsy has been a challenge she loved to take on and never stopped her. As years went on she became a strong advocate for the epilepsy community being ambassador and volunteering for multiple epilepsy foundations. Finally Spenser felt her presence needed to be stronger advocate in the epilepsy community and created 1 in 26 Athlete Foundation. Her goal is to encourage all athletes and anyone active to continue to play the sport you love and to never let epilepsy get in the way of that. She will encourage to fundraise to help find new therapies and help support aspiring athletes with epilepsy to move to the collegiate level.

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