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Welcome to 1 in 26 Athlete Foundation

Why we started

I have had epilepsy for 14 years and I have been an advocate to help spread the word to my community on how to make sure everyone is prepared if someone is to have a seizure. I was very confused when I was first diagnosed, I also thought 'Why me'? It was a transition to figure out what epilepsy is, and more importantly alone. I did have my family who were learning along side of me, but there was never that resource or outlet I could go to, to make more sense of this. I was alone, and felt no one will ever understand me and will not know what I am going through. Overtime as I became more accepting of my epilepsy, and confident to speak out about it, I wasn't afraid of it anymore, more than anything I was excited to help the epileptics transition into understanding early on about epilepsy and how it does not define you.

Why 1 in 26?

1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy in their lifetime, and 1 in 10 people will have a at least 1 seizure in their life. I see these numbers as way too common and that the public is not educated on what to do if someone is to have a seizure. We are here to represent that 1 person out of the 26 who will be diagnosed with epilepsy. That 1 person we hope to make an impact and give them a platform to share their stories, show they have a support system, and to show their athletic capabilities on the field while battling epilepsy. 1 in 26 Athletes are focused on epileptics who play a sport and love to move while living a life with seizures. A seizure does not define who you are, you are not a seizure, you are so much more than that. Team 26 represent the community as active athletes who encourage others to play the sport you love. To never stop playing because you may be scared or think it is being taken away from you. You can do anything you put your mind to, and we hope inspire all athletes out there to never stop moving!

What does our future look like?

1 in 26 Athlete Foundation is here to build a team across the world. Epileptics who are open to sharing their stories, showing their talent and bringing inspiration to all. Even with a medical condition, it can not hold you back from playing sports or being active . 1 in 26 Athlete are stronger than epilepsy, it is something they have but not what defines them. We will be creating athletic events, and fundraiser to get the community moving, and get active while educating the public on epilepsy!

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