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NFL Players Who Battled Seizures

Throughout history there have been many pro athletes with medical conditions like epilepsy who continued to play their sport for the love of the game.. Besides competing at the very highest level, these athletes with epilepsy overcame both health and social challenges to reach the pinnacle of their sport. While finding the right doctors, right medication and steps to being safe, here are 5 NFL players who have lived a life with epilepsy while playing at the highest competitive level.

5 NFL Players with Epilepsy

Justin Fields

Fields was diagnosed with epilepsy in high school, and though it wasn't an easy transition he continued to play at the highest level and made it all the way to the NFL and was the quarterback for Chicago Bears. While he never let it affect his game he continued to play the sport he love while living a life with epilepsy while keeping his seizures under control and reduced over time.

Alan Faneca

Faneca was 15 when he experienced his first seizure and hisneurologist diagnosed him with partial-onset seizures. Finding out he had epilpesy at such a young age was big adjustment he had to make in life, but he strived to be the best athlete while working with medication. he became NFL All-Star offensive lineman for Pittsburgh Steelers. Franca began working with the Epilepsy Foundation in Pennsylvania to help raise awareness.

Jason Snelling

Jason was diagnosed with the condition during college, as he prepared for the NFL he made the adjustments he needed to be drafted to the Falcons. “It is something I will always have, but I’ve finally learned that while it is something I have, it doesn’t define who I am.” Jason works with the Epilepsy Foundation and to help spread awareness of epilepsy.

Samari Rolle

Samari was the the cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens, while diagnosed with epilepsy during his career. Rolles seizures came in different ways as in he would experience confusion, and therapy on and off the field. He continued to play while managing his seizures and finding the best treatment. He also began working with the Epilepsy Foundation to fight against misinformation about epilepsy.

Tiki Barber

Tiki was just one years old when he and his twin brother were diagnosed with epilepsy. Tiki thankfully grew out of his seizures by age 6, but he continued on to spread awareness for epilpesy through his career. He was the running back for New York Giants he never experienced a seizure throughout his time in the NFL. He is an advocate for epilepsy and helping spread awareness as much as he can.

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