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Lauren Sheets

My Story

Seizures have been a part of Lauren's life since she was 11 years old and her official epilepsy diagnosis came at age 16. Her first seizure happened the day before a soccer tournament, which of course meant she would not be able to play. At the time, Lauren was more upset about not playing than she was that she had a seizure. Three years since her diagnosis has been filled with a lot of ups and downs, tests, medications, and many questions with very few answers. She experience both tonic-clonic (grand mal) and focal (partial) seizures, but with the help of trainers, coaches, and friends who have been able to  help her to continue being active while monitoring her symptoms and making minor modifications.


Laurens seizures ended up sidelining her for a while; her doctor did not know the cause of her seizures and was not a fan of her playing a sport where the chances of getting hit in the head were rather high, until we had answers. She knew she couldn’t play soccer for a while, but Lauren was not willing to wait for answers, so she decided to try a new sport and ended up falling in love with tennis.


She has not played sports competitively since high school but has continued to stay active, and she especially enjoys boxing, running, and strength training. Lauren's biggest athletic achievement is not just one event but rather that she is still active in general. Being epileptic and active comes with its own set of challenges. She has had to take medications in the middle of running a marathon and between sets at the gym, sometimes she has to end workouts early, and there are days that she simply cannot participate, but that’s okay.


It is important to Lauren that all individuals with epilepsy know, it is still possible to participate in most sports and fitness activities. Sometimes we have to make modifications but being active is a great way to feel in control of your body when epilepsy is trying to take over. Lauren is so thankful for all of her coaches, trainers, and friends that have helped her through workouts or matches when she felt seizure symptoms, whether it was modifying or just encouraging her to not give up on herself.

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