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John Marino

My Story

John had his first generalized seizure when he was 19 years old. His second would follow almost exactly two years later when he was 21. As a young college kid living his life, John did not think to go to a neurologist for further examination as he felt isolated. Seven years later, John started to take on running; while running, he would have an involuntary movement that would persist for several minutes throughout most runs. He then thought it was time to see a neurologist but he was in seizure denial and stopped taking the prescribed medicine and continued running. 


Six years later, In 2018, Johns denial ended, and reality set in. He was out for a standard weekday run, and was dealing with his involuntary movement (now known as a partial seizure). After it persisted for much longer than usual, he started to get the same sensation he had twice, 10+ years ago before having a full-blown generalized (formerly called Grand Mal) seizure. Generalized seizures are associated with a sensation that someone will never forget. 


It is a sensation he think about several times a day. Living with epilepsy comes with mindfulness that there is the possibility of a generalized seizure., which lead him to several hospital stays and dozens of MRIs, EEGs, etc. The conclusion was what the others had thought all along, Epilepsy. John has been on medicine for five years; he is not seizure-free. However, John does not to let epilepsy limit his day-to-day activities and he still partakes in endurance events (Marathon - 100-milers). The thought of his next generalized seizure looms. However, it is more important to keep moving forward and spread awareness around Epilpesy and the 1 in 26 mission!

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