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Educating the community about epilepsy is our goal, we strive to give support to others to help better understand their challenges and the life changes that they will have to go through. People with epilepsy are better supported by those who understand, and will not be afraid to talk about it. As the epilepsy community is growing, there are more tools that are available to help navigate your way into learning more. For those who live with epilepsy, we are removing the the fear of discrimination or being alone. You are supported by family, friends, coworkers etc. all who care to understand you and support you along the way.

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It is a transition into learning what epilepsy is for a newly diagnosed epileptic. Many don't know where to even begin or who to talk to, and who to get answers from. Family support groups are the best form of comfort to family, siblings, friends etc. It gives an open space for confusion to expressed and resolved, it is time to find your local support groups today.

Among those who have lost a loved one to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy – or SUDEP – too many share a common experience where they had never heard about the risk that their loved one could die from a seizure. Learn more how to prevent SUDEP today.

Studies have gone on for many years now to find the cure to end epilepsy. After long research and testing, there are multiple treatments and ways to reduce and help prevent oncoming seizures.

While managing your day to day life and trying to avoid seizures at all cost, it is important that we take care of our body that supports us as we rely on it to protect us in the best possible way. Having a healthy diet and staying active can be a key factors in reducing seizures.

Service dogs have been trained to be able to assist someone who is about to have a seizure, or having an active seizure. They have been trained to protect epileptics in the best way possibly during an emergency. Learn more to see if a service dog is best suited for you.

Epilpesy effects 65 million people worldwide, and we all may think we are alone or no one understands what we go through, but there are people with epilepsy closer to you than you think. There are local epilepsy foundations across the nation that can help with education, courses and resources near you.

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