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Ayden Spellberg

My Story

At the age of five, Ayden experienced her first partial complex seizure. Her parents, worried about what the intense, uncontrollable blinking of her eyes was, took her to the hospital immediately. Ayden had no prior signs of neurological issues before her first seizure, so the seizure came out of nowhere. Ayden, now 18 and in her freshman year of college at the University of Florida, has had epilepsy for 13 years mostly controlled through medicine under the care of great doctors in South Florida.


Through the last 13 years of seeking to control the seizures through medicine changes, hospital visits and lifestyle changes, Ayden has persevered through it all. She has always been strong and believed she could get through any challenge put in front of her.

Ayden has a deep love of dance and this love of dance has been key even during the challenging times. Ayden has been dancing since she was just three years old and has been dancing competitively since the age of five. Ayden is now on The Dazzlers, the official dance team of the University of Florida, and gets the chance to dance at the collegiate level at her dream school. Even when in the middle of an at-home EEG, Ayden showed up to class (hair wrapped up and all) to ensure she did not miss a rehearsal and still do what she loves. She truly has a passion like no other. 


"Dance has always been my outlet. I know nothing other than it. It is just something about stepping into the dance room and letting out all my emotions that makes me feel whole". Ayden says. Ayden has done charity events with the Epilepsy Foundation since she was first diagnosed as well as working with Athletes vs. Epilepsy. She cannot wait to inform both those inside and out of her sport about how they can be educated on epilepsy and what they can do to help.

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