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Cody Leham

My Story

Since the age of 11 Cody has had to face many daily struggles with epilepsy and the multitude of other issues that go along with it. Since he was young, Cody has always loved football and will forever love football. He has had seizure growing up but his love for the game never stopped him. He was all-freshman and 2nd team all-district as a freshman and all-district and 2nd team all-state as a sophomore. However, football came to an end during that summer, and this time it reached a new low. 


In the middle of practice, Cody had a seizure during a drill which lead to him injuring his right knee and back. This seizure caused him to get surgery after injuring his knee and had to sit out the next season. While struggling to control the seizures, Cody would still get seizures on and off, which lead him to the decision of ending his football journey.

 After years of depression/anxiety and an increase in seizure activity, Cody realized that he had to find something to fill the void. He did not want to give up, he wanted to find another passion that he could pursue other than football.


That’s when he stumbled upon powerlifting. Once he started getting back in the gym things improved exponentially. Seizures reduced and it got so much better that Cody can proudly say he has been seizure free for over 3 years. 


Cody found what worked best for him and his epilepsy, and powerlifting was that answered that saved his life. Also, staying active and lifting has given Cody the confidence to tell his story to help inspire others who was once where he was but can find their passion while living with epilepsy.

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