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1 in 26 Athlete Foundation

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Empowering Our Athletes and Educate The Community

1 in 26 Athlete Foundation is a worldwide program for athletes, coaches, volunteers, and fans. We provide opportunities and resources to support people of all ages to play the sport they love like everyone else, while living a life with epilepsy. The program seeks to raise awareness, gain traction and participation, and help fund our mission to find treatments for epilepsy through athletic events.

Why 1 in 26... 

1 in 26 people will be diagnosed within their lifetime, and we are here as 1 in 26 Athlete Foundation goal to encourage that everyone should embrace their epilepsy and their journey they have been on.

Sports & Epilepsy

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Epilpesy is something you have and not who you are. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with epilepsy for years, we’re here to support you and guide you through the learning process to living a life with epilepsy.

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Our team is built among epileptics who strive to be the best athlete/ active person they can be. By continuously fighting, spreading awareness and  never letting a seizure get in our way, we stand together to find a cure.

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To be ready at any moment when someone is having a seizure can be the determining factor of their safety. Learn more about what a seizure is and how to notice what one looks like.


Million people nation wide are diagnosed with epilepsy

1 in 10

People will have a seizure in their life


Most common neurological disorder 

1 in 26

People will be diagnosed with epilepsy in they

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Slam Dunk

Sports & Epilepsy

Some may think once you are diagnosed with epilepsy you are no longer able to participate in sports/activities, but it actually is very beneficial to keep an active lifestyle while living with seizures.

You Can Join A Sport Today

Most people with epilepsy can play a sport or be active. By finding the right fit for you, knowing your strengths and educating your teammates on what to do if you were to have a seizure, then you are ready to get on that field!

Seizure First Aid

We provide free training and resources to become certified in seizure first aid training, we encourage everyone to know what to do if anyone has a seizure, so you can be the difference in saving their life.

Upcoming Events

There are local & national events for epilepsy all around the country, save the date for upcoming epilepsy events near you!


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